Why Hirsini

Hirsini was founded on the simple idea that both personal and widespread wellbeing comes from a change in mindset and healthy lifestyle choices, and together can allow for strong and respectful sexual relations.

When it came to building our brand, we rooted our vision and purpose in this principle and developed the company from the ground up and took our lead from the very beginings of how CBD has been used to enhance pleasure humans have enjoyed for centuries. We’re now one of the fastest-growing commercial CBD product brands in the world.

At Hirsini, our vision is to be a model of innovation, education and quality assurance. In doing so, we’ll pave the way to a shift in how people think about CBD and the positive effects it can have on their pleasure lifestyle.

Our purpose is a little more practical. We want to make CBD products accessible to everyone who will benefit from them. We decided that the best way to do this was to become experts in the research and development of commercial CBD products – and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We constantly reinvest profits into creating new products to suit every need for your sexual health and wellness. From creating the first ever intimate CBD Lubricant in Europe, to blending the perfect CBD massage oil to allow for a more pleasurable and rewarding experience.  No matter your lifestyle, there’s a way to incorporate CBD into it. 

The medicinal and recreational cannabis boom of the last decade has given rise to a rapidly growing and largely unregulated market. It’s become increasingly straightforward for brands to market CBD products without testing them or giving them a certifiable measure of quality.

That’s why we work with the best third-party CBD profile testing companies around the globe. They ensure that our manufacturing process is of the highest standard, operating well within the imposed legal restrictions and completely transparent.

Our CBD Oils are tested by a world-renowned Swiss cannabinoid, analytical laboratory, specializing in the investigation of cannabis products. Our Massage Oils, Soothing Lotions are all analysed by a leading cannabinoid laboratory in the United States. 

Don’t believe us? Every product features a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone to receive the corresponding lab report, so you can see exactly what you’re consuming.

Our full range of CBD products allow you to take a step towards personal and sexual wellbeing, in whatever form you wish – and, as we continue to grow and develop Hirsini CBD solutions to enhance and improve your sexual health and experieces, we hope to facilitate widespread wellbeing, too.

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