Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant and consequently the CBD industry is thriving. Free from the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis, our CBD products enable you to reap the benefits of marijuana without experiencing the high.

At Hirsini, we’re passionate about combining CBD products with your existing lifestyle. As such, we are thrilled to be launching our CBD lubricant. There are a growing number of testimonies from women in particular who are benefiting from the product. But what are these benefits? And how does it work?

How can Canniant’s lubricant improve your sex life?

First and foremost, it is important to recognise how our CBD lubricant can help with problems during sex. A BBC survey conducted in 2017 revealed that nearly 1 in 10 British women find sex painful and this was mainly a problem during penetration.

CBD contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. This allows for increased blood flow and circulation, reducing pain and irritation.

If we experience pain during sex, then the likelihood is that we feel anxious about it. Feelings of anxiety will cause our bodies to tighten, which can in turn exacerbate the pain.

Fortunately, CBD lubricant can help you to feel more relaxed. Many people use CBD oil to feel calmer and de-stress. Applying the lubricant before intercourse can help your muscles to relax. This, of course, heightens the sexual experience for everyone. As you become more relaxed, insecurities may begin to fall away.

There are other benefits too. Many women suffer from vaginal dryness. This condition clearly impacts sexual activity significantly – from the physical irritation and pain to potential anxiety and confidence issues. CBD lubricants can help considerably with dryness as it can moisturise and, in some cases, regenerate the skin.

Alongside plenty of anecdotal evidence, Remedy Review’s study gives us some idea of how many people have found CBD lubricants rewarding in their sex lives. Of 5,398 Americans asked, 9.3% had used CBD sex products, with the majority expressing noticeable changes. It was found that 66% of the group noticed a decrease in anxiety. Further, 72% of men and 76% of women reported that they experienced more powerful orgasms and 98% said that CBD lubricants reduced soreness after sex.

How to introduce Hirsini’s lubricant

Now that you’re clued up on the benefits of our lubricant, you might be wondering how to introduce the product into your sex life.

If you’re hoping to use the lubricant during sex, it is really important to apply it around 15-20 minutes before you begin. You may wish to apply the lubricant by yourself or bring it into foreplay, as you might with any other lubricant. It is recommended that you wait until you experience a localised sensation before having sex.

Our lubricant is free from any psychoactive elements of the cannabis plant. As such, you will not experience a high. You may, however, notice a pleasant feeling of relaxation. This is completely normal and indicates that you’re responding positively to the lubricant.

From an anti-anxiety perspective, remember that the lubricant will only help you to relax if you allow it to. Your experience will be significantly enhanced if you allow the product to take its full effect.


You shouldn’t need to reapply during penetration. However, be mindful that the area shouldn’t become too dry as rubbing and friction can occur. This is true of all lubricants and may indicate that you haven’t applied quite enough.

Our lube is water based and safe to use with latex condoms to allow those using this type of protection the advantage to still being able to enjoy Hirsini CBD lube with their partner.

Give it time! It can take a few sessions to get used to the lubricant. Most people tend to experience the benefits from the start. However, if you experience high levels of pain or anxiety, be kind to yourself. Your body is likely to relax into the product with time.

Lastly, talk to your sexual partner(s). Whether you are in a committed relationship or not, it is important to have open conversations about the products you are using during sex. You’re bound to get the most out of our lubricant if you are both informed and anticipating the benefits together.

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